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Alcohol Induced Disorders

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Alcohol is one of the most popular psychoactive drug. It comes in three forms: beer, wine or distilled spirits. Drinking too much alcohol is a significant cause of accidents and injuries and can lead to liver diseases, certain types of strokes, abnormally high blood pressure (hypertension), various cancers and birth defects among other adverse effects.

The misuse of alcohol as a drug comes with a couple of complications and some major ones are on the brain (psych). With alcohol use comes alcohol induced disorders and these are toxic effects of alcohol that mimic mental illness in ways that can sometimes be hard to distinguish from mental health, these include:

  • Alcohol intoxication

  • Alcohol withdrawal

  • Delirium tremens

  • Dementia

  • Amnesia

  • Psychotic disorders (delusions, hallucinations)

  • Mood disorders (anxiety, depression, bipolar)

  • Sexual dysfunctions

  • Sleep disorders

Alcohol induced disorders are usually treated hand in hand with the process of recovery from alcohol use. Treatment usually starts with proper assessments and diagnosis, this is in order to get a detailed history and use to test for dependency and the kind of program required for a smooth healing process. The tests include CAGE and AUDIT

The treatment process then moves to detoxification stages which are to manage withdrawal symptoms and then one has to go through a six stages of a behavior change program that involves:

    • Pre-contemplation

    • Contemplation

    • Preparation

    • Action

    • Maintenance

    • Relapse

    • Termination

Relapse prevention and aftercare is often always required at the end to help manage triggers and have control so as not to slip back into old habits.