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Free Hearts Uganda- Amagara is an addiction treatment and rehabilitation center. We specialize in substance abuse disorder, especially alcoholism, marijuana, nicotine, and other habitual behaviors. We are a team of professionals that are dedicated to render a whole human restoration program: spiritually, emotionally, physically.

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This is probably the first Half Way House in Uganda that puts special attention to recovering addicts. Our rehabilitation services help addicts like nicotine users and alcohol abusers, marijuana users and other substance users return to a respectable lifestyle. We are the leading drug addiction treatment center in Uganda. Please check our rating.

We emphasize family setups rather than classroom setups because of individualized needs of each client. We can take in teenagers and elderly people but with special arrangements.

Chris Kigezo    .    Director - Free Hearts

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Addiction Recovery- Residential/ Halfway House: What is a Halfway house?

This is an arranged program that meets the needs of each individual’s timetable, but with an agreement by a psychiatrist assessment, physician assessment and the psycho therapist. Each person could be having a different timetable and needs.
What is residential rehab?

This is proper camping at one spot accompanied by therapists, nutritionists and other supportive staff.

There is a followed timetable, that rhymes with individual needs but in a group setup. Free Hearts being a family rehab, we cannot take in more than 14 people therefore, a possibility of referral is there. So, first book before you drive in.

Free Hearts Uganda
Free hearts Uganda

We help you get rid of the addiction



About us

Free Hearts Ug

  • We are holistic in approach when providing addiction treatment services.

  • We focus not only in the addiction but also on the behavior change.

  • We also focus on mental health and provide mental health services to our clients if needed.

  • We mobilize resources to the maximum to ensure client satisfaction.

  • We involve the community and do institutional and community outreach programs.

  • We offer Truth / spiritual awareness to our clients.

  • We try to mature our clients to full functionality - spiritually, emotionally, resourcefully, educationally etc.

Our vision
To be a holistic provider of after care mental health services
our mission
To use diverse approaches to Addiction recovery
our goal
To instill behavior change to our clients aimed at full human functionality, spiritually, emotionally and resourcefully
Free Hearts Uganda
What we do

Occupational Therapy


Family Therapy Conseling


Continous Addiction Prevention Empowerment


Prevention from substance use and abuse


Aftercare & Follow Ups

This is
How we do it
  • Open & Closed AA meetings
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • Spiritual Mentorship
  • Personal Management & Life Skills
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Aftercare Institutional/Community outreach programmes