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Occupational Therapy
We believe that a recovering person needs something to do in order to earn a living and pick their life back up. Therefore, we encourage some occupational training which is done at the center.
This occupational Therapy is done after the initial substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation which always takes 3 months.
It includes the following;
Addiction Counseling (The 12 core-competencies of an addiction counselor)
Catering and Event Management eh, cooking, baking, public addressing, speech giving etc.
Project Planning and Management.
Urban Agriculture (small scale farming initiatives.) E.g carrots, onions, poultry growing etc.
Hygiene and general cleanliness management
Aftercare follow-up programs
We believe that a recovering person will always do better if there is a supportive environment. Especially after the protective addiction treatment and rehabilitation environment.
We therefore initiate;
Family counseling and reconciliation which is continuous even at home.
We reconnect the spiritual supportive system and environment which the recovering person would have lost. Eg. church membership renewal, mosque membership renewal etc.
We re-initiate accountability persons (mentor/sponsor) right from the center until such a time when the recovering person/client can stand alone in recovery.
We assign Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) membership to our clients to the nearest support group meetings
We tailor each individual needs as it may be when he or she has left the center especially job accessibility, networks and even re-employ them back to the center when they like
We initiate Local Council 1 to understand and meet the needs of the recovering person
Family and Significant others Therapy Program
This is the most important after -care program. We rebuild family relationships by counseling and initiating faith - based support program.
We reconnect back marriages that have been strained/stressed by either substance abuse or lack of parental commitment.
We try to build a new relationship with the family of origin by practicing the power of the Truth. Eg. Humility, Forgiveness/Amends, The Golden Rule, Meekness and Do Not Judge.
Relapse Prevention Program
These are life - skills that enable our clients to re- integrate back well into the society. They include:
  • Decision making
  •  Anger Management
  • Assertiveness
  •  Stress Management
  • Temptation
  •  Forgiveness
  •  Sex Addiction
  •  Fear, Worry, Tension and Anxiety.
  • Pride
  • Integrity
  •  Loss and Grief
  • Shame and Guilt
  • Emotions and Recovery and many more others.
All these above will empower a recovering individual to grow in Truth, know and do responsibilities that are rightly his / hers.
Corona (Covid - 19) Isolation stress Program
Since January 2020, we have experienced a surge in stress treatment that are as a result of family isolation due to the Covid - 19 pandemic and its effects.
This is a new program that is tailored to help families and individuals that are now being stressed and are developing addictive behaviors like substance abuse, gambling, obsessive behaviors, child abuse etc.
This program is new and has been developed by a collaboration of Free Hearts Uganda, Sounds of Hope Organization, and Dr. Moses Kakungulu of UNHCR.
It is headed by a trauma specialist Ms. Sharlotte Ainebyoona who has qualified from Daystar University Nairobi- Kenya. Please read her articles in the blog section.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  (CBT)

This is the main branch of addiction treatment. Especially when most of other programs have failed. It emphasizes the recognition of feelings, thoughts and emotions that directly affect behavior.
We recognize the process being effective most especially when approached with Truth. So we use the following goals and targets;
Helping the person under treatment to know that he or she is not alone in the problem of addiction and substance abuse
Seeking solutions that are scientific, logical and proven
Empowering professionals and members with mental and substance abuse knowledge and management skills
Empowering and encouraging individuals and members to express and communicate openly their thoughts, feelings and emotions to help them overcome personal inhibitions
Instilling knowledge and coping skills solutions to individuals to help them with addiction issues and other compulsive behaviors like anger and pride.