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Bill 14
Parliament has passed the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances (Control) Bill, 2023


Bill No. 14

Advantages of the Bill to Addiction Recovery:

  • Drug offenses under domestic laws are criminalized which helps to reduce on the amount of drugs in circulation.

  • A strong legislation is set in place to deal with trafficking of narcotics and psychotropic substances.

  • Remedies subjected to the bill are intended to suppress the trafficking of drugs.

  • The major object of the bill is to is to rehabilitate an addict found with Narcotics.

  • The bill also amends that funds should be directed towards rehabilitation centres.

  • All laws to be amended must pass under the secretary general and any individual caught must pay. The required currencies or serve imprisonment of not more than 2 years which helps in stopping the availability of drugs to the public.

  • Restrainment orders are only allowed or given by the Attorney General and any suspect in possession of Narcotics is availed warrants to be searched.

  • The Bill also talks about cooperation between countries in order to come up with measures to stop trafficking of drugs / narcotics / psychotropic substances.

  • International assistance in drug investigations and proceedings which reduces on the number of addicts and creates a strong will in addicts that they are being helped.

  • This Bill helps in controlled delivery of drugs through police search.

  • The Bill also talks about addicts being rehabilitated instead of being thrown in jail.

  • Seizure of narcotic drugs which doesn’t avail users with it leading to recovery because of less exposure to drugs.

  • The expertise to work in rehabilitation centres must be experienced in patient and addict handling.

  • This Bill prohibits the growth of coca brush opium poppy, khat which is a great impact in addiction recovery.

  • The Bill prohibits the importation of narcotics which reduces on its availability leading to less exposure.

  • Only licensed personnel should be permittedS to handle this narcotics and under supervision for the aid in withdrawal symptoms in addicts.

  • Any one found availing this narcotics to young ones should be heavily penalized.

  • Every export and import should be licensed and checked .

  • Cultivation of narcotics is prohibited.

  • Application of restrain order.

  • Rehabilitations centres should be well funded and guarded by experienced personnel.

  • The penalty of obsession of narcotics is heavy which scares the youth.

  • Counseling services should be given to addicts as per the law.

  • Management of funds should be well handled to aid in addiction recovery.

  • An addict caught should be sent to a centre imprisonment by the court to better his recovery.

  • The Bill requests the scientists to carry out further research in addiction recovery.

  • The national committee of drug control is responsible for the health of addicts, education and finance.

  • Analysts are set to monitor the mental health of addicts and their well being.

  • Spiritual counseling should be given.

  • In notice of seizure, experienced personnels are called and should render the necessary help.

  • The Bill informs all addicts of the dangers and consequences of narcotics and psychotropic substances which reduces on the number of people lead to addiction.

Prohibited plants

    • Cannabis

    • Catha Edulis

    • Coca Bush

    • Papaver Somniferum ( Opium poppy )

    • Papaver Setigerum