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Many articles have been written about this topic, however, I would like to suggest a practical approach because I work in an addiction rehab, setup.

  1. Electricity gadgets

It would be better if all electric sockets are disabled for mentally ill patients tend to use anything to check out.

We have had some electrical shocks of clients and has been a challenge.

You should not get worried about ironing, radius, rechargeable fordes. these are luxuries that rehabs can avoid.

Let electric gadgets be used in offices

  1. sharp objects (knives, nail cutter, shavers etc.)

The above should not be exposed to clients but to my shock, some addiction rehabs ignore them well knowing they can bring a derive of some one.

Let the kitchen accord for the kitchen sharps they use and then lock with lock and key.

  1. Cold rooms (restraining rooms)

To my observation, no center should be allowed to operate where restraining is impossible.

I have observed that ignorance of this puts other clients at risk and a professional should be image of such a procedure.

Leave the room for suicidal possibilities.

  1. Medical (safety of medication)

All medical should be kept away from clients even when their mental state is okay.

There have been caused where other clients do self Rx with in the center and possibilities of death becomes eminent.

  1. Retaining walls and fences.

Modern rehab centers are using lazes wires and electrical fences.

According to me, I better get someone escape alive than someone dying in during process of escarping. Am leaving this issues to your discussion.

  1. In house nursing

According to me, I prefer a nurse sleeping with clients to have 24hrs observation

  1. Toilet and latrines

These facilities become dirty fast and are potentially infectious.

Immigration should not take ok more than a month even of outside observation, this person

  1. Necessary fires

Usually kitchen use heat to prepare meals therefore kitchen should be out of bounds even if there are clients who need personal cooking they should not do it themselves.

  1. Main gate management (gate management)

I prefer a sniffer dog to handle in order to avoid entry of contra bands. However, Trained security personnel do this very well when there is no closing outside interface e.g allowing vehicles in, opening the gate in quer decks

Appropriate lighting should be ensured at the gate.

  1. Infectious disease isolating cottage

As the word is going on, there are infectious that cannot be avoided its spread.

Atleast within 24hrs, a state of a client medical physical status should be known by the health worker


This list is incomplete, in case of more information. Send an email to info@ for a complete checklist.