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Qn1: What is re-evaluation counselling? (RC)

This theory was formulated by Havy Jarckins during the 2nd WW social challenges.

It presupposes that humankind is born with a freed mind without external data.

Thereafter, it begins to receive information from the environment where by hurts per pot to be preeminent over everything else.

Qn2: What is CBT?

This is cognitive behavioral therapy which was propagated mostly by Dr. Allan T. Becky on the last 2 decades that become pre-eminent in 1970’s and 80’s the best therapeutic approach to individual that are going through chronic diseases e.g. addiction, depression etc.

Freed Hearts Uganda uses CBT as the basic model of handling addiction for CBT handles thoughts, feelings and emotions that produce behavior.

A team of RCs came to Feed Hearts to advocate for RC theory of Havy Jarckins but to my analysis, the fundamentals never work. let us take an example of a newborn baby;

What comes into baby’s mind?

Are they hurts?

The answer to this is NO. Personally i believe what comes into a baby’s mind are self-centered self-preservation, selfishness etc.

And these are generally classified as SIN.

Why does a baby 1st cry when it is born, biologists will say is true, but actually the baby is seeking attention to preserve his health otherwise without crying, it will die?

Then minutess later, the baby will cry again, this time, it wants to breast feed. What do you call that, is it not lust?

Another 5 mins later it will cry because it wants to be cleaned up.

Now, let us analyze the above.

The 1st cry was for self-preservation.

The 2nd was for lust

The 3rd was for selfishness.

These are the 1st things that come into our mind. And they’re the ones that create addiction for as the person grows, they become more and more amplified that other soft wares of sin are created.

This is the reason CBT is much better equipped that RC in addiction treatment.

The only bit is where there’s sharing of emotions during one on one sessions in which emotions are shared, where hurts /pains are released (discharged) to let go the past.

Finally, I would like the advocates of RC to come up with a better theory in order to help addiction recovery if they want this theory to be used in addiction rehab centers otherwise it doesn’t work from the very foundation.